Monday, 22 April 2013

What Love Allows and Doesn't Allow

If there is a God of Love, which is meant to be everywhere present, why does Love allow atrocities to take place like the recent Boston Marathon bombings?

The way I see it, if I sit around waiting for God to act to protect me and look after me, I'll be waiting forever. I believe it is up to me to take action.

What do I mean by taking action?

Taking action involves three steps.

The first step is acknowledging my identity as Love, the One Infinite Power that is in all. How? In rather the same way I identify myself as daughter, sister, friend, writer, etc All I have to do is keep reminding myself that I am Love.

The second step is contemplating what I believe the power of Love allows and doesn't allow.

This is what I believe:
I believe Love doesn't allow discomfort, disease, disharmony,disorder, pain and suffering
I believe Love doesn't allow imperfection
I believe Love doesn't allow aging, decay and degeneration
I believe Love doesn't allow lack, limitation and scarcity
I believe Love doesn't allow accidents and disasters
I believe Love doesn't allow fear, hate and sadness

I believe Love only allows comfort, ease, harmony, order, pleasure and bliss
I believe Love only allows perfection
I believe Love only allows youth, growth and regeneration
I believe Love only allows abundance, freedom and surplus
I believe Love only allows peace and safety
I believe Love only allows love, happiness and joy
It's all very well knowing what the power of Love allows. However, if Love is not being demonstrated in my life on a practical level, it means nothing. The third step, therefore, is expecting to experience irrefutable evidence of Love in action.

Really, taking action doesn't involve any physical actions at all; it is simply acknowledging and believing in the Power of Love and letting my belief manifest appropriately.

Let's take one belief I have that Love doesn't allow accidents to happen.

The first and last time I was in a car accident was when I was 10 years old. Considering I came from a religious family where prayer was very important, you would think that I would have been protected in the first place. There was evidence of Love in the form of hearing a Voice telling me that the accident wasn't real and it was a dream; an ambulance behind the car which took me to the hospital; and the driver of the car who had run me over turning out to be not only a sister at the local hospital but was also related to my cousin's boyfriend. Still, if Love is so omnipotent, why didn't Love prevent the accident from happening?

Many years later, in my twenties, I was almost run over by a van, but someone dragged me out of the way. When I turned round to thank my "saviour" there was no one there.

Years later, just as I was about to get run over by a bus, time seemed to slow down considerably and I had all the time in the world to get out of harm's way.

Now we're talking! The near misses demonstrate to me that Love is present and will not allow me to experience accidents. Speaking of which, someone on a bicycle ran into me a few months ago. At the time, I was chanting a gratitude affirmation so the pain was instantly dissolved and there was no physical evidence of the "crash."

This morning when I woke up with an intense period pain, I repeated "I am Love" and reminded myself that Love doesn't allow pain.  The pain was soon dissolved. I have used the same process to erase migraines which I used to experience frequently.

Can Love prevent death? I have had two occasions when Love has prevented "death." The first happened when I woke up one night unable to breathe and I felt an invisible hand on my throat. After fighting for dear life, I thought of a passage  from the Bible about Love and the hand left my throat. The second one happened four months ago while I was sitting in front of the computer browsing the Web. Suddenly, I felt myself separating from my body and having this urge to go to sleep. I knew that if I went to sleep I would be "dead" so I reminded myself of Love's presence and soon returned to normal.

I allow only good things to happen in my experience by the power of Love that I am.


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